Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Saturday sketching

In effort to update my blog, here are some of Saturday's sketches.


Gillian said...


man these are awesome Bianca!! Im so jealous!!!

Tara Audibert said...

man these are awsome!!! beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful work, Bianca !
I hope we will see a lot more of these.

murrayb said...

what suprised coffee girl so? great sketches!!

Bianca Siercke said...

Thank you much everyone!!

Hey Gillian, thank you!! You'll have to do some sketches in Sydney and put them on your blog!! Will you be down in Halifax again some weekend? If so you'll have to come sketch ^^.

Tara, thank you ^^. I don't know if you and Curtis would feel like it, we're going sketching again this weekend (see below for details), it would be awesome if you guys could make it ^^.

Hey Victor!!! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love the new sketches you put up on your blog!! I'll try and do some good drawings this weekend and put them up after. ^^

Hey Mur ^^ thank you!! You'll have to come this Saturday too!

Allright, here the details for the sketching in Halifax. We're meeting Saturday (May 27th) at around 2:00 in Scotia Square at the fountain. There will probably be alot of people coming from different studios, so we were thinking you'll be able to recognize the group because everyone will be carrying a sketchbook. Anyone that wants to come out, it would be awesome to have you ^^.