Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day

Last week I was looking at Gabriele Pennacchioli's blog (amazing stuff there if some of you haven't gone you have to check it out) and was reading the comments people were leaving. By chance I came across a name I hadn't seen before and went to his blog.

The persone I'm talking about is Victor Ens. If you are a fan of great animation you HAVE to go visit his blog or his website. I was so inspired looking at his work. Beautifully timed animation and his draftsmenship is simply stunning.

I did a small animation for my mom for mother's day and I have to say that Victors stuff was what I looked at the whole time I was animating. Thank you for the inspiration Victor!!! ^^ I hope you guys enjoy the clip, obviously I still have so far to go, but I'm slowly picking at getting better. Comments and Critiques are most welcome ^^.


^_^ said...

nicely done Bianca! your mom is a very lucky lady. you're SO feature!

Anonymous said...

Great work Bianca ! Looks very, very nice.
Thank you so much for this nice compliment above, I'm getting red :-))
I didn't know someone would like my work so much. That's very encouraging.

All the best

Bianca Siercke said...

whitey - hahaha ^^ I don't know about that, but thank you so much.

victor - your most welcome. I've been telling everyone at my work about your blog ^^ and they all love your work. You have a small fan-base here. ^^

Gillian said...

HOLY CRAP BIANCA!!! What are you doing working at the TV level?? Get yourself over to feature ASAP!!

Ron said...

Very good, the timing's the best!

Bianca Siercke said...

awwww...thanks you guys ^^ (blush)

Kristian said...

that was beautiful to watch. so fluid and full of life. I also love your cafe sketches. I too try at drawing people when i'm out and about ( obviously not as successful as you've been) great blog

Bianca Siercke said...

Hi Kris ^^

Hey, don't sell yourself short!! Your facial sketches are really lovely. Thanks for posting ^^