Friday, June 27, 2008

One of my favorite places

One of my favorite places I would have to say, is a large airport. I just flew through Frankfurt and I almost wish I had more of a stopover inbetween my flights because, what a place to be.

Different people from all over the world, speaking their own languages, a visual merging of all cultures. I stopped to buy an ice-cream cone from a Häagen-Dazs stand, and all the people in front of me and behind me were from Japan. It was fascinating to watch them communicate with the lady behind the counter. Both sides had such patients.

Later on I looked up different flights that were leaving before mine and started to wander towards different gates. I sat down for a while to watch and listen. I didn't end up doing any drawing at all, but was absorbed just to sit and look.

I did have a chance to do a few drawings while I was away. Hope you enjoy them.