Sunday, October 11, 2009

Derek & Chloe 03

I found Chloe really hard to draw. I think especially in this image she doesn't quite look right so I apologize for that in advance. That said, I still like the atmosphere in this drawing though so I thought I would post it none the less.

Also I wanted to post a link to my friend Anne-Maries blog. She's the one that got me reading "The Summoning", and she did some amazing drawings of the books. Two of her posts can be found here
and here

And a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to everyone out there :)


mickael brunet said...

Hé excellent!!

Unknown said...

Wow. i really like this one. Derek's face is awesome. I can almost hear the growl ^^ I'm currently setting out my plan to begin animating a couple that look similar to derek and chloe (just 8 or so years older) of course it happened by chance. My first fanart of derek and chloe turned out to be one i now rather dislike: while the most recent; i like much more: ^_^ I'm quite jealous of your style.I really do like it .its quite lovely.

Bianca Siercke said...

croquisman - Thank you so much :)

Hey Leah :). I'm so glad you like it.^^ Please let me know how your animation goes!! I'd love to see it :).

If you haven't seen it already, you should go and check out Anne Marie Cyr's darkest power art. I'm sure you'll like it :D

apparentlymisunderstood said...

love the drawings of derek and chloe, been trying to draw them myself but always mess it up:P