Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quick lifedrawings

Unfortunately we only have the possibility to do lifedrawing once every 2 weeks here. That said, we have this amazing model, that totally makes up for it!!!

These are sketches that are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes I believe. Critiques are more then welcome, I know I still have a lot to improve on. Thanks already in advance.
Cheers, and hope you enjoy them.


Randeep Katari said...

Fantastic, fantastic stuff. Also love the stuff you did for Guillaume's film! Did you use Signpen or sharpie for these? You are really, really talented!
Love seeing your stuff, will be back soon, again.

Alexandre Augusto Ferreira said...

Beautiful lifedrawings.Full of life!Really nice.

Ame said...

Hi! thank you for your lovely comment in my blog, I add your link in my list, I love your lifedrawings, they are very dynamic, congratulatios!

Amelia Vidal from Argentina

Bianca Siercke said...

Hi Randeep - Thanks so much for your kind words! Working on Guillaume's film was so much fun! I can't wait to see it all colored. Yes I used Sign Pen for these. For the cafe sketches I usually use Uniball.

Hi Alex - Thank you! I love doing gestures. I'm going to try to get more facial expressions into them for next time. Let's see what happens

Hi Amelia - Thank you so much for dropping by. I can't wait to see more of your work.

Unknown said...

Great strong sketches!

Dharmali Patel said...

Hi bianca,

These are really great. love the movement and flow a lot.

Bianca Siercke said...

Eric - Thank you!

Dharmali - HEY!! :D :D Thanks for your comment ^^. Still have to improve so much though, I miss drawing when we used to do drawings together!!

Bianca Siercke said...

I forgot to say

If you get a chance you should check Alex Woo's blog
as well as Enrico Casarosa's.
They have amazing lifedrawing that really tells a story with every drawing they do.

Red Fox said...

Cool sketches, have a lot of movment.
Well done girl!
Post more.

Bianca Siercke said...

Red Fox - Thank you for your nice comment. Unfortunately there will be a 2 week break where I'll be away from my computer, but after that I'll definitely will have more posts. Thanks for coming by :)