Thursday, October 04, 2007

Comics and Markers

Hi everyone

I just wanted to shout out a bit CONGRATS to a friend of mine who just completed her first comic. The artist is Faith Hicks, and the comic is called Zombies Calling. It will be published in November. I did a drawing of one of the characters for Faith's B-day.

If you want to see some pages of the actually comic, you can go too

Other than that, I had the chance to buy some markers YAAAAY ^^. They were on sale at our local art store. So here is a simple image I did just for fun. Still have so much to learn, but thank god drawing is fun, so learning is fun too ^^. Have a nice weekend everyone.


Guillaume said...

Hey Bianca~~~! :D I'm so glad to see you're posting on your blog! I really like your marker piece, her face and expression are really sweet. I also really like her hair, nicely designed, and it has somewhat of a "right out of the shower" feel. Nice line texture on the towel too, it really feels like, well, an actual towel! XD;

I think you're always open to critique, so I might suggest, maybe simplifying your line a bit in some areas of anatomy. Especially her elbows and her mid-cheek area, the subtle bumps there look a bit indecisive/wobbly to me.

Post your Ranma pictures, I wanna see them!!! :D

Bianca Siercke said...

Hey Guillaume, :D :D!!

Thanks for the critique, your totally right! I should have simplified for sure.

I'll play around with that in my next drawing. ^^

Todd Harris said...

bianca, great post on this, really like your character. nice sense of design.

Bianca Siercke said...

Hi Todd ^^
Thank you so much for posting!! I haven't been able to search for new blogs recently and yours is definitely a find!! Thank you for dropping by ^^